Review: Moxy Hamburg City

For an extended weekend trip to Hamburg we were looking for a nice, modern hotel at a good price with good public transport connections. After a bit of browsing we stumbled upon the Moxy Hamburg City which is located about 5 minutes on foot from the Berliner Tor train station (which includes S-Bahn, busses, and subways). As an added benefit, this train station also has direct connections to the airport, so that we could go there directly after landing and drop off our luggage before exploring the city on day one.

The hotel’s chain is part of Marriott albeit, sadly, without that amazing bed linen. In general, the bed was extremely hard but not uncomfortable, brining it more in line with an Ibis (or between an Ibis and an Ibis Budget). Similarly, the room was modern and spacious but simple with very few storage options. It was comfortable, though, and provided a nice hub for our trips.

I have one complaint, though: The cleaning wasn’t ideal. We still found some of these plastic packaging pieces that you get when buying new cloths on the floor. The shower wasn’t spotless either, nothing major though.

Outside of the rooms, the Moxy Hamburg City has a very nice lobby/reception area which also houses the bar and breakfast area. There are even storage lockers available. The bar also has a nice selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and the seats are nice enough that you don’t necessarily have to go to your room right away after a long day exploring the city 🙂

Despite the minor issues with our room, the Moxy turned out to be a near-perfect choice for our city trip. Located so close to a transport hub and at a “normal” price, it is definitely a hotel I will consider again for my next trip up there! Anckelmannstraße 11, 20537 Hamburg, Germany

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