Review: Moxy Brussels City Center

After a few years at the Motel One in Rue Royale my partner and I thought it might be nice to try something different. After looking around we found the Moxy Brussels City Center right on the route of the bus line 71 to ULB which meant we would no longer have to switch lines on Louise or other stops! Last September we had already had a great couple of nights in a Moxy hotel in Hamburg and so decided to go with it also for this year’s FOSDEM!

Compared to Hamburg, the room was spotless as far as I could tell, but otherwise very similar! It had no real storage options outside two large coat stacks but enough floor space so that we at least could easily our suitcases for storage without them blocking the paths to the bathroom or the door. The bed was similar although slightly on the soft side, which was great except for only having a single mattress. If there had been two mattresses, the room would have been perfect for me πŸ˜„

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for breakfast on any of the mornings but the breakfast and bar area looks very welcoming and comfortable with nice lighting and a vertical garden. We did spend a bit of time there, though, while planning the days and it was really hard to leave those soft couches and chairs behind.

To summarise, the Moxy Brussels City Center is right now at the top of my list for our next FOSDEM trip! And next time I really want to try the breakfast there! Rue du Prince Albert 32, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium

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