Here you can find notes about things I discover or learn but are not (yet) worth a full-length post.

Replying to Considering git-lfs for blog photos (…)

Some time ago I used git-lfs for storing photos within the Git repository of my blog but it came with one downside while not really improving my overall workflow: You have to pay extra for LFS with GitLab and GitHub even if you have pro accounts on them.

One thing I also wanted to have improved in my workflow was that I could simply upload an image from my phone and have it auto-resized on the server into the profiles I need for my blog. The approach that I’m currently working on is just building a little API that does just that and having the photos backed up using Restic into GCP or something like that. With some luck this will go live this weekend unless I get distracted somehow.

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Replying to Photos on a Git-based blog (…)

This is exactly what I’m currently struggling with. Since my whole blog is stored inside a Git repository I don’t want to store large photos there. I’m working on a solution for that but will need a bit more time. Once that’s in place I will post lots of photos here 😁

It’s basically an API that I can then simply use with shortcuts from my phone or laptop and that will resize the photos as needed. I just need one or two more train rides to finish the minimal implementation 🙃

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Christian Selig released version 1.13 of his Reddit app for iOS with a completely new system around notifications. Among other things you can now set custom watcher in subreddits so that you get notified when a post with certain terms in the title is published.

Time to create some watchers for my favorite inks and pens in r/fountainpens 😅

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While on a little bike tour from Lindau to Friedrichshafen in order visit the Zeppelin Museum there I finally also listened to the Changelog episode from 2022-05-06 with Woody Zuill about mob programming, ensemble programming… whatever you want to call it. This interview is IMO a great introduction as it goes quite deep into the benefits but also shows that it is not meant as “the only tool” you should use. I also particularly enjoyed the segment about introducing the method to a team using coding dojos!

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Thanks to this discussion on Reddit I now know another online shop in the EU specialized on pens: from Sweden. While they don’t have fountain pen under the sun (unlike Akkerman), they have quite a nice selections including TWSBI, Pilot, and Platinum and also lots of roller and gel pens!

AND they ship into the whole EU for free for orders of €79 and more 😍

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Replying to Trump, Truth, and Twitter (…)

“I am not going on Twitter, I am going to stay on TRUTH,” Trump said. “I hope Elon buys Twitter because he’ll make improvements to it and he is a good man, but I am going to be staying on TRUTH.”

Does anybody actually believe that? My best guess is that Trump’s social network won’t even be around anymore once the Musk-deal closes and so he will be one of the first to be admitted back to Twitter. For me personally, this would be another nail in the coffin for Twitter but that’s a different topic.

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Yesterday evening Twitter’s board of directors has announced that they’ve agreed to sell the company to Elon Musk for 44B USD. Personally, I have a really bad feeling about this, especially thanks to how the term “free speech” is thrown around here by Musk and others but also by the fact that a single person now also owns the platform.

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I still think that Factorio might be one of the best games that was ever created. Yesterday I started a new build after not playing for a really long time and was hooked immediately again. Perhaps I will finally make it to space this time around 😬

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