Here you can find notes about things I discover or learn but are not (yet) worth a full-length post.

What the logbooks have turned into is an index of my life. I consult them to reminisce about important events, like the days my kids were born, but I often consult them for really mundane stuff, like looking up the last time I replaced the air filter on the furnace.

That’s pretty much why I keep a log/journal too. Just today I was asked if I had attended a certain conference this summer. I wasn’t sure anymore since there were some trouble around booking and timing (which led to some confusion around if I even had a ticket for the event or not) and I knew I had attended a conference with a similar topic this summer. Turns out, I hadn’t attended that specific event. With the date of the conference it was just a minute to look up the days in my log and find out.

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Replying to Re: Re : Certified Azure Solution Architect (…)

That’s pretty much also my opinion of certifications. In this case, I mostly did them because I wanted to get some deeper but also broader knowledge about the whole stack and doing an exam in the end was the incentive to stick with it until the end.

It’s still just a snapshot and I absolutely agree with you that having a cert doesn’t automatically make you into an expert. People collecting certs like Pokémon without actually working with those technologies in the long run are IMO doing the exams for the wrong reasons.

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I write and prefer code that fits within 80 columns in curl and other projects – and there are reasons for it. I’m a little bored by the people who respond and say that they have 400 inch monitors already and they can use them.

I too have multiple large high resolution screens – but writing wide code is still a bad idea! So I decided I’ll write down my reasoning once and for all!

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Der ehemalige Innenminister und nunmehrige FPÖ-Klubchef Herbert Kickl habe die Operation „Ramses“ vergangene Woche an die Öffentlichkeit „geleakt“ und sie in Verbindung mit dem Terroranschlag in der Wiener City gestellt.

There were multiple police raids in Austria today against Muslim Brotherhood. Somehow former interior minister Herbert Kickl had knowledge about these before they happened and actually leaked some information about them putting them in relation with the attack in Vienna last Monday. Turns out, that relation didn’t exist. There are now investigations going on about how Kickl was able to learn about these raids.

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