Here you can find notes about things I discover or learn but are not (yet) worth a full-length post.

A friend recently recommended Rift Breaker to me. The game looks like a mix of Factorio and a tower-defence game with graphics that have a bit of a StarCraft vibe. I should probably try if that works on my gaming PC … which hasn’t been updated hardware-wise since 2016 😅

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In a recent statement, Boris Johnson compared the fight of the Ukraine people with Brexit. It’s hard to find words to describe that stupidity without requiring insults. Luckily, some EU and UK politicians have already found better words, all summarised in this Guardian article:

The SNP’s leader at Westminster, Ian Blackford, described the comparison between people voting to leave the EU and the resistance of Ukrainians to the Russian invasion as “morally repugnant”.

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Replying to Klimaticket vs. BahnCard 100 pricing (…)

I wish the BahnCard 100 in Germany would be cheaper… But congratulations and have fun with climate-friendly travel! 🙂

Thank you 😊 Yeah, ~4000€ every year is a lot of money. That being said, Germany has obviously a larger railway network than Austria and the BahnCard also includes discounts on tickets even leaving the country, something that the Klimaticket does not include. Still, I believe that the price for the Klimaticket Classic (~1100€) is at the sweet-spot for something like this. I really hope it will trigger some rethinking in other countries so that others also get a similar offering in the future 🙂

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Now that March is coming to an end, I’ve finally got myself a Klimaticket and there are already some smaller trips planned for the coming weeks! There were some minor bumps on the road for getting that ticket but that’s something for another day. Today I’m just glad that I can now travel throughout Austria without having to think about tickets and their respective prices anymore. There is still so much I haven’t seen here and this is about to change!

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In this post Wouter writes about his process/structure of organising scans of journals with Obsidian. This involves basically a JPEG file per page of the journal with some notes around that.

I really like that idea but I’m a bit afraid of what it would do to the Git repository I keep my Obsidian Vault in right now. A single journal would produce around 100 MB of JPEGs.

I might play around with something like that in the future, though. For now, I stop at a single PDF per journal that I keep outside of Obsidian but I’m working on adding a single topic-based index for all my journals in Obsidian so that I can easily find stuff again. Wouter’s approach would push that to the next level 🙂

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After a long work-week we decided to watch The Batman last night. Great movie but Cineplexx Graz had some technical issues with the movie stopping in the middle and the being resumed as audio-only experience 😬 After about 30 minutes they managed to fix that but then, 5 minutes before the end, the room lights turned one… The light show was probably part of the €16 price tag 🤣

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Yesterday, the Cobra maintainers released version 1.4.0 of the popular command-line library for Go. This release is a huge one as it removes the configuration library Viper as a dependency which also means that you no longer pull dozens of indirect dependencies due to that when using Cobra! The recently released muesli/coral already has a note about possibly moving back to Cobra due to that change 🙂

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