100 days of blogging

Today marks the final day of #100DaysToOffload challenge for me. For the last 100 days - ever since 27 April - I’ve been publishing at least one post here every single day. It’s been great fun and despite some concerns if I’d be able to actually see it to its completion, I managed to do it!

That being said, I’m not going to continue at this pace but I also won’t return to old habits of only writing here every once in a while. Instead, I will try to find a middle-ground with hopefully some more detailed technical post returning while still also publishing some “long-form tweets”. If those last 100 days have taught me one thing, it’s that I still love writing here and I see no reason to stop 😅 I’ve also got to know a lot of “new” folks and their own blogs that have found their way into my daily to-read list!

The challenge has also made me invest more into my writing toolchain with some custom integrations for Ulysses but also helped me with exploring new hobbies/obsessions around writing in general.

Big thanks to Kev for starting the challenge and (among many others) Hyde, Jan-Lukas, and Mike who’ve kept me going.